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How to care for your flowers

How to care for your flowers

We genuinely care about our flowers at The Petal Factory, and we want you to enjoy your flowers from the moment you get the to their new home.

We take pride in our flower knowledge and are always happy to chat about flowers, foliage, cut flower care and techniques.

If you would like to learn more about how to care for your flowers and to maximise their life in your home, office, or workplace, we recommend reading the following care tips.

  • All our flowers will have what we call a “wet pack” on the stems when they leave our shop. FLOWER FACT - When you remove flowers from a water source, their individual stem cells will begin to fill with air instead of water therefore, the longevity of the flower is compromised since the stem is consuming air, not water. Therefore, by wet packing your flowers, we are ensuring that your flowers continue to drink and remain hydrated in transit…. simple huh!
  • Remove your flowers from their gift-wrap and recycle or re-purpose what you can. The paper can be easily pressed or ironed for another use, the tissue paper can be flattened and used to compliment a gift basket and the ribbon can be used around the home or if you really love to recycle, feel free to drop it back to us. We encourage all our customers to re-use, reduce and of course, recycle wherever possible.
  • Now that you have unwrapped those beautiful flowers, get a clean vase from the shelf, and fill with cool water.
  • Whilst we do remove a lot of the excess foliage for you, we do highly recommend for you to remove any foliage that may be sitting under the water line of your vase. This bit gets messy (welcome to our world) but it will assist with maintaining clear and clean water for your flowers to drink.
  • Ensure before you place them into the vase that you give them a fresh cut on an angle with a sharp pair of scissors and PLEASE, cut away from your hand.
  • Place the flowers into the fresh water right away to ensure they start to drink immediately.
  • Avoid placing your vase of flowers in direct sunlight and keep them away from any heat or windy areas. Roses can become incredibly sad if they are under a heater vent or in direct sun.
  • Keep an eye on your water level as some flowers like to drink more than others.
  • Oh, and one last thing, re-cut your stems and place into clean water every couple of days and they will continue to smile for you!

Thank you for taking the time to read my cut flower care tips.